Viking penannular brooch in silver or bronze

Impressive and eye-catching Viking penannular brooch replica (based on original Viking brooch found in Gotland, Sweden, Viking period). Made with great attention to detail, decorated in punching technique.

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Such brooches were very popular in Viking and Baltic cultures, worn most often by men for cloak fastening or tunic's neckline, but there are also some female grave finds , where penannular brooches were used with hangerock (apron dress) instead of tortoise brooches.  

Made in bronze or sterling silver.
Measurements :
Width of brooch base without pin: 4,2 cm
Total width with the pin : 5,1 cm
High : 3,7 cm.
Weight : approx. 24 g
Brooch consists of open oval brooch base and a sharp pin, which makes it easy to wear.

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