Thick silver Viking bracelet [BDS1]

Thick silver Viking bracelet with large dragon head terminals. A unique and solid piece of Viking art.

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Completely hand-made silver armring, made in authentic smithing technique used by Vikings for creating bracelets and necklaces (neckrings). It is ended with faithful replica of Gotlandic large dragon head terminals.

This piece of jewelry is 100% historically acurate.

A  solid piece of Viking bling.

Measurements :

Thickness : circa 9mm.

Made of silver.

Custom made to your wrist size.

This bracelet has a stiff construction, but in the same time it  can be easily fitted (bend) to your wrist size. However its the most comfortable, when made in well fitted or just slightly looser sizes.

To wear the bracelet : carefully  unbend it, put it on your wrist  and gently bend it back, to fit your wrist.

Shipping in 14 business days after payment. Will be sent in a nice jewelry box., ready for gift giving.

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