Luxury Viking tortoise brooches / Viking oval brooches, type P51, double-shelled

Luxury, unique and beautiful double-shelled Viking tortoise brooches (also known as oval brooches), type P51 in Petersen typology. A must have for every wealthy Viking woman. They will will add a touch of Viking splendour to your beautiful and rich Viking outfit.

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Amazing details of these hangerok brooches will catch eyes of everyone during Viking markets. Everyone will love the contrast between bronze base and silver rivets and filigree wires.

This pair is briefly based on original brooches found in Birka (grave 961), but some small details have been changed. They are also smaller than originals.

Measurements :
7,6 cm x 5,9 cm (almost 3 inches x 2,30 inches)
Weight of one : 68 grams
Options like gilding available upon request.

Short description:
- made like original brooches, so they consist of few parts, this is not a one piece cast, but double-shelled replica,
- bronze base and open-work top,
- silver filigree wires in two different sizes and five silver rivets contrasting with the bronze base,
- four sweet water pearls or additional 4 silver rivets instead of them,
- beautiful motives typical for Viking art, like knotted lines, dots, masks,
- type P51 of Petersen typology,
- dated to 10th century.
Everything is made with huge attention to details.

Detailed description :
These pair is made like original Viking brooches, so they consist of base and open-worked top (they're double-shelled). The two are joined together by silver rivets, pearls and silver filigree wire. Assembling all these pieces together require lots of careful work, but the result is so worth it!
The filigree wires are assembled like in original oval brooches, so please treat them with respect and do not throw them in drunk Viking warrior. ;-)

Why the pearls? On some pieces of type of brooches we noticed traces of something organic, so we thought about adding pearls, because they are known to be used in some jewelry pieces of Vendel and Viking period. But, if you don't like the idea, we offer these brooches also with silver rivets.

These brooches are of the type P51 of Petersen typology, they were very popular and spread all over from Scandinavia, to England and Rus territory.

Shipping in elegant jewelry box (each brooch in a pouch and separate box, ready for gift giving) in 4-5 weeks after payment.