Large Viking cloak pin from Norway - bronze

Unique, large and eye-catching Viking cloak pin in bronze - a very faithful replica of archaeological find from Rogaland, Norway, featuring two beasts and Borre style motives.

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In Viking times, such fibulas were used by noble men for cloak fastening. Large pieces of jewelry, especially those in precious metals like silver or gold, were worn by wealthy people, so it was a sign of high social and material status.
This brooch is decorated with carefully carved motives typical for Viking art style called Borre : two beasts with ears and opened mouths, geometric knotted patterns and dots. It's a solid pieces of Viking art, build to last.

Measurements :
Diameter : 6,7 cm (2,6 inch)
Length of pin: 9,8 cm (3,85 inch)
Weight silver fibula : 42 grams
Offered in bronze.

Shipping in elegant jewelry box (ready for gift giving) in 14 business days after payment.