Large silver Thor's hammer pendant, replica of Mjolnir from Rømersdal

This large and solid sterling silver Thor's hammer pendant is faithful replica of archaeological find discovered near Rømersdal, Bornholm, Denmark. Made with great attention to details, decorated with stamping in the same way, as original find was decorated. Offered in two options : bronze or sterling silver.

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Thor's Hammer, according to Viking mythology, is an atribute and powerful weapon of Viking god - Thor.
In Viking culture Thor's hammers pendants were worn both by men and women as symbol of power and fertility, also often worn for protection. In female graves they are often found attached to beads strands.

Measurements :
high - approx. 3,5cm
width - approx. 3,6 cm
weight : approx. 6 g

Shipping in 7 business days after payment.