Heavy silver Viking arm ring from Gotland (T-decor)

Faithful replica of archaeological find from Gotland, Viking period. Heavy and impressive fine silver Viking bracelet / armring with deeply stamped motives. 100% handmade from scratch. Made in fine silver (999).

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This is a unique product that we offer. Unlike many on the market of this type, our bracelet is not casted, it is fully handmade from scratch first by hand forging, then decoration is made by punching detail after detail with using stamp and hammer. Just like they did in Viking times. You can even see marks from hand forging in the inside of bracelet.

Weight : approx. 62,5 g
Width in the widest point : approx. 2,2 cm

Shipping in 14 business days after payment.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email : thorkil.shop@gmail.com