Handwoven in diamond twill, plant dyed, natural eri silk shawl - green

Beautiful, light and soft, handwoven in diamond twill pattern, plant dyed, natural eri silk shawl is a lovely addition to your historical costume. The shawls have been 100% plant dyed in reseda and indigo to achieve beautiful shades of green.

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Diamond twill pattern has been found in many rich graves from Vendel and Viking period. The diamonds are small, same way as they have been usually found in Viking graves. They are woven from two shades of yarn what makes them shine and change color depending on how light falls onto it. The shawls are ended with a fringe what gives them luxurious look.

100% handwoven natural eri silk
Plant dyed with reseda and indigo
Width: 60 cm
Length: 180cm
Color: green

Eri silk is also called non-violence silk which means that the silkworms are not killed in the making ( by boiling cocoons in water) and are let free.

To get best results we recommend hand washing in cold water without detergent or dry clean.

Due to the plant dyeing there might be few spots in slightly different shade.

Since fabric is handwoven there might be some small irregularities.