Genuine gemstone and granulation ring, replica of Moravian find - in few colours

Faithful replica of silver ring from Mikulcice, Moravia (now Czech Republic), 9th century. Handmade in Poland with great attention to details.

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Stunning sterling silver ring with granulation and natural, genuine gemstone in several color options.
While wearing this beautiful ring, you will notice yourself often observing and touching intricate and meticulous design, which small silver granules create.
This ring can be a sign of your connection to European heritage and great respect for art of master goldsmiths from medieval times.

Made to order in custom size.
Available this several gemstones options :
- amethyst (purple)
- garnet (deep red)
- onyx (opaque green)
- citrine (yellow)
- carnelian (deep, opaque orange)

Width of ring band : 4,5mm
Diameter of ring "head" : 15,5mm
Made in sterling silver.
Made to order in custom size.

Shipping in 14 business days after payment in safe and stylish jewelry box.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask via email.