Extremely thick and heavy silver Viking neckring

Extremely thick, luxurious silver Viking neckring (necklace) with large dragon head terminals, gives a new meaning for a word "chunky"! A unique and solid piece of wearable Viking art for true connoisseurs of Old Norse art, who are not afraid of jewelry in powerful size.

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Completely hand-made and unique silver neckring, made in authentic smithing technique used by Vikings for creating bracelets and necklaces (neckrings). It is ended with  large dragon head terminals based by Gotland bracelets.

This piece is very unique not only because of its thickness (22 mm in thickest point!) and weight (almost a kilogram), but also because it is made like original Viking bracelets from Gotland. Thickness of  original artifacts were taparing towards  the terminals, as in this neckring. However, it is difficult art to recreated this, requires a lot of work, time and skills.

Our thickest bracelet is in the pictures only for a size comparison of the neckring.

Measurements :
Thickness : 22mm
Weight : avarage 920 - 960 grams  (almost 1 kilogram)! 

Handmade in authentic Viking technic of fine silver 999 (the weave) and sterling silver 925 (terminals).

To wear the neckring : carefully  unbend it, put it on your wrist  and gently bend it back. 

Shipping in 30 days after payment. 

This listing is only for neckring.  Our thickest bracelet and knife are in the pictures only for a  comparison of the neckring size.

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