Wild boar tusk pendant with filigree and granulation setting

€150,00 (Sold out)

Large, unique and rich in details wild boar tusk with 100% handmade silver setting adorned in ancient filigree and granulation techniques. Please note this in not a casted product, each tusk setting is handmade from scratch and created individully every single time.
Only one item in such decration available at the moment!

Sterling silver with dark patina, hand polished.
Measurements of tusk :
Overal length: approx. 14,7 cm (measured with the arched shape)
High of pendant when hanged : approx. 8,7cm (in a staright line, not including the arched shape of tusk, this is just how high the tusk is when being worn).
High of silver setting : approcx, 2,2 c

Decorating precious metals in filigree and granulation techniques are known from ancient times. It is is very difficult and time-consuming process, consisting on soldering and fusing various filigree wires and little granules one by one with using fire.

Shipping in 7 business days after payment.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask via email.

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