Viking Equal-armed brooch with granulation -  replica of find from Bryansk


Impressive,  luxury Viking equal-armed brooch with amazing granulation work featuring a pair of beasts. This richly decorated  and eye-catching brooch will look amazing on a wealthy Viking woman's cloak. It will prevent it from falling and unwrapping, leaving your hands free and making you look impressive and noble. Imagine how beautiful it would look with a cloak in deep color.

It is a faithful replica of very unique archaeological find from Bryansk (now Russia). It is dated to late Xth cent. Such brooches were worn between tortoise brooches and slightly below them and used for cloak fastening.

The amazingly detailed and meticulous granulation work creates two symmetrically placed beasts with eyes, noses and opened months, showing their teeth, with their bodies tightly interlaced. This design  corresponds with Viking art style called Jellinge, but also shows influences of Slavic art. The original was probaly made by a Gotlanding goldsmith, as the decoration is similar to those seen on Gotlandic box brooches, It is a wonderful proof for contacts between Scandinavians and the local Slavs.

Measurements :
7,9 cm x 3,5 cm (3,1 x 1,4inches)
Weight silver fibula : 28 grams
Offered in bronze or sterling silver.

Shipping in elegant jewelry box (ready for gift giving) in 14 bussiness days.

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