Viking belt buckle and strap end in Borre style, Birka - set in bronze (set 1)


Replica of  Viking belt fittings : bronze buckle and strap end with beautiful and elaborate decoration in Borre style. Both based on finds from Birka, Sweden, Viking period.
All elements in this set are solid pieces of bronze, these aren't thin plates, but a historical Viking adornment built to last.

Wealthy Vikings loved to show their social status by wearing precious jewelry, but also by wearing belts with beautiful fittings, like elaborate buckles and strap ends, but often also with many studs. These belt studs are faithful replicas from belt set found in Viking grave in Birka, Sweden. Original belt find was made in bronze and had a number of almost 40 belt studs in two kinds! For other belt elements, please visit our belt fittings section.  

Buckle : 63 mm (including the plate) x 33,5 mm.
Strap end : 65mm x 18,5 mm.
Fits a belt 2 cm wide.
Here you are buying only the buckle and strap end, for other elements, please go back to our belt fitting section.

The set is ready for attaching to a belt - there are two rivets included (for the buckle), when the strap end has 5 pins for easy attaching to the end of your leather belt.

There are also matching bronze belt studs available in our shop (visible on second picture).

Shipping in 10 business days.

If you prefer a whole, ready to wear leather belt with fittings already attached, please contact us for further details.

If you have any questions, or requirements please contact us via email : [email protected]

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