Medium thin, light handwoven in broken diamond twill, plant dyed, wool fabric - blue coupon 02


Medium thin, light and soft, handwoven in broken diamond twill pattern, plant dyed, merino wool fabric ready for sewing. The fabric has been plant dyed indigo  to achieve beautiful shades of  blue. It’s super soft what makes it perfect for sewing tunics, shirts, dresses and Hangerocks/Smokkrs (Viking Aprondesses).

Broken diamond twill is a variation of diamond twill pattern which is accurate both for Vendel and Viking period. The pattern is small same as it was usually found in graves. It has been woven from two shades of yarn what makes it shine and change color in the sunlight. The fabric flows beautifully and makes nice pleats.

100% handwoven merinos wool
Plant dyed with indigo
Width:   119 cm
Length: 285 cm
Color: blue

To get best results we recommend hand washing in cold water without detergent or dry clean.

Due to the plant dyeing there might be few spots in slightly different shade.

Since fabric is handwoven there might be some small irregularities

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