Fine silver Viking ring replica from Gotland (got2)


Impressive and solid fine silver Viking ring, handmade from scratch - replica of archaeological find from Gotland, Sweden, Viking period. Looks as good on male and female finger. Offered in custom sizes and allows for  a small regulation of size.

Imagine this ring as a fine  token of your great respect to the history of Europe, to old traditions and to your heritage.  Looking at the ring and touching it will bring back the tales of Viking sagas told during long nights at the campfire.
Psst : the last photo shows the handcrafting process of our rings.  Don't you think they look like they were made by master smiths - dwarves from Viking mythology?

Fine silver ring with deeply stamped motives.
100% handmade from scratch.
Made in thick fine silver (999).

Solid Viking ring, hand forged in thick fine silver, then decorated with stamping.
This is not a casted product - each ring is created individually from scratch and hand decorated by punching detail after detail with using stamps and hammer. Just like they did in Viking times.

Width in the widest point : approx. 1,3 cm
Thickness of forged silver: 1,4 - 1,6mm!

Size : the ring is "open" and can be adjusted to fit.
Please indicate your finger size in message to seller during check out (at paypal). We will need diameter of finger and/or circumference and/or ring size (please add in which scale you measure your size : UK, German, Swiss, USA etc.) .

This is made to order piece and shipping time can be up to 14 business days after payment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email : [email protected]

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