Bronze Viking Thor's Hammer pendant replica with granulation and natural gemstones in three colours


Large and stunning bronze Viking raven-headed Mjollnir pendant, faithful replica of find from Kabbarp in Skåne, Sweden with natural gemstone in the center (amethyst, carnelian or citrine). Amazingly detailed, high quality, solid pendant. A  small piece of Viking art.

Lots of work and passion has been put into remaking this beautiful piece of jewelry.
We wanted to surprise you and make our replica special, extraordinary, so we put HUGE attention to details, while making it, so it looks like original as close as possible.

There is a round spot in the center of original Mjolnir, where a gemstone could have been placed in the past. To add splendor to our replicas of this Mjolnir we chose natural gemstones, which were used  by Vikings in the past : you can choose from three kind of natural gemstone cabochons :
1) carnelian : deep orange colour
2) amethyst : violet colour
3) citrine : yellow colour

Bronze pendants are only offered without the back plate, please take a look at additional photos.
This pendant is large!
Measurements : about 4,8 cm x 4,4 cm
1) without the back plate : about 19 g

Shipping in 14 business days after payment in safe and stylish jewelry box.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask via email.

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