Beautiful replica of small Anglosaxon cross pendant with lovely filigree details. Original pendant was found in King's Field, Faversham, England and is dated to 7th century.
Small, filigree Anglosaxon cross pendant replica, in silver or bronze
Small beard ring (also called beard bead) or hair adornment with beautiful, detailed decoration in granulation technique. This triangle motive is often found on Viking and Slavonic jewelry.
Small granulation beard ring / beard bead / hair adornment
They are finally back - our famous stamped beard rings!
Medium size stamped beard ring - silver or bronze
Flexible silver Viking style bracelet with with handmade silver clasp, custom made to your size.
Single weave flexible, silver Viking style bracelet with filigree ravens terminals  [SW2]
Flexible silver Viking style bracelet with handmade silver clasp and raven head terminals, custom made to your size.
Single weave flexible, bronze Viking style bracelet with filigree ravens terminals [SW3]
Large, beautiful Viking pendant with granulation, faithful replica of a find from Gnezdovo. Amazingly detailed granulation work and geometrical design make this piece so eye-cathcing. A  small piece of Viking art, solid, made with great attention to details. Pendants like this one were often worn by Viking women with other pendants and beads as necklaces between tortoise brooches, or simply on the neck.
Large round Viking granulation pendant from Gnezdovo, replica
Beautiful raven Mjollnir with filigree and granulation, faithful replica of find from Sigtuna, Sweden. Amazingly detailed, high quality, solid pendant. A small piece of Viking art.
Viking raven Mjollnir pendant, replica of find from Sigtuna.
Replica of Viking pendant from Birka, depecting face of a bearded man,  a warrior, a persona from mythology, or a deity. A  solid, high quality pendant, with detailed filigree work showing how Vikings may looked like, what hair and beard style they wore. Pendant is not flat, it has  been forged to reveal shapes of human face.
Viking filigree pendant, face from Birka, replica
Beautiful, thick and wide filigree silver ring band, replica of ring from Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, dated to 9-11th cent.
Wide filigree silver ring band, Anglo-Saxon ring
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