Flexible silver Viking style bracelet with filigree raven terminals and silver clasp, custom made to your size.
Single weave flexible Viking style bracelet with raven terminals [SW1]
Beatiful silver Viking bangle - replica of Viking bracelets from Gotland. This kind of bracelet was popular in whole Scandinavia in Viking times. Simple, but stylish and detailed design. The unique and original shape and stamped decoration give at real Viking vibe.
Silver Viking bangle bracelet with stamped decoration [SVB2]
Luxury, unique and beautiful double-shelled Viking tortoise brooches (also known as oval brooches), type P51 in Petersen typology. A must have for every wealthy Viking woman. They will will add a touch of Viking splendour to your beautiful and rich Viking outfit.
Luxury Viking tortoise brooches / Viking oval brooches, type P51, double-shelled
Large and stunning Viking raven-headed Mjollnir pendant, faithful replica of find from Kabbarp in Skåne, Sweden. Amazingly detailed, high quality, solid pendant. A  small piece of Viking art.  In Viking culture Thor's hammers pendants were worn both by men and women as symbol of power and fertility, or for protection.
Large Viking raven-headed Mjollnir pendant, replica from Skane, Sweden.
Impressive and solid fine silver Viking ring, handmade from scratch - replica of archaeological find from Gotland, Sweden, Viking period. Looks as good on male and female finger. Offered in custom sizes and allows for  a small regulation of size.
Fine silver Viking ring replica from Gotland (got2)
Unique, large and eye-catching Viking cloak pin in sterling silver or bronze - a very faithful replica of archaeological find from Rogaland, Norway, featuring two beasts and Borre style motives.
Large Viking cloak pin from Norway - fibula in sterling silver or bronze
Amazingly detailed, faithful replica of Vendel period brooch based on archaeological find from Gotland, Sweden. The beauty of geometrical motives is complimented by four genuine garnet gemstones (this is not a cheap enamel!). This brooch isn't flat, it has a rant decorated in beautiful geometrical motives.
Round Vendel brooch replica with genuine garnets - in silver or bronze.
Stunning and detailed lunula pendant (also called lunitsa, lunnitsa or lunik pendant), lunar amulet, replica of find from Birka, Sweden, Viking period. Elaborate granulation work makes it an eye-catching small piece of Viking art.
Birka lunik pendant (lunula, lunitsa), Viking lunar pendant replica
Beautiful, handmade, thick sterling silver Viking chain in double weave with amazing filigree raven-head terminals.
Double weave silver Viking necklace with raven terminals [DWN1]
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