Large, unique and rich in details wild boar tusk with 100% handmade silver setting adorned in ancient filigree and granulation techniques. Please note this in not a casted product, each tusk setting is handmade from scratch and created individully every single time.
Wild boar tusk pendant with filigree and granulation setting
Reconstruction of Viking tortoise brooches based on fragments of the casting mold from Ribe. Dated to IXth century. Cast in silver or bronze in yellowish shade. Sold in pairs.
Viking tortoise (oval) brooches, bronze or silver
Impressive and solid fine silver Viking ring, handmade from scratch - replica of archaeological find from Gotland, Sweden, Viking period. Looks as good on male and female finger. Offered in custom sizes and provides  a small regulation of size. Handmade in Poland.
Viking silver ring replica from Gotland (gotring1)
Faithful replica of archaeological find from Gotland, Viking period.
Heavy silver Viking bracelet / arm ring from Gotland (T-decor)
Replica of archaeological find - Thor's hammer pendant found in England, dated to 6 th century.
Silver Thor's hammer pendant from England, hand forged
Handmade replica of small round Viking brooch from in Birka, Sweden.  Cast in sterling silver. The pin at the back is made of bronze.
Viking brooch in silver- small round brooch from Birka, Sweden.
Handmade replica of Viking period trefoil brooch from Birka. Cast in sterling silver.
Viking trefoil brooch in silver, replica from Birka
Faithful replica of Faithful replica of archaeological find from Gotland, Viking period.
Silver Viking spiral arm ring / bracelet from Gotland, Sweden [SVS]
Beautiful, totally unique and extraordinary earrings : made of buffalo's black horn, in lacy-like sterling silver setting.
Black horn earrings in silver lacy-like setting
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