Impressive and eye-catching Viking penannular brooch replica (based on original Viking brooch found in Gotland, Sweden, Viking period).  Made with great attention to detail, decorated in punching technique.
Viking penannular brooch in silver or bronze
Solid granulated beard ring or hair adornment, in rotund (fatter shape) and elaborated decoration. A unique and eye-catching piece, designed and made only in our workshop.  Made in sterling silver or bronze in yellowish shade.
Granulated beard ring or hair adornment in silver or bronze
Exclusive, unique silver Viking style bracelet in intriguing weave. Completely hand-made silver armring, hand woven in time consuming so-called Viking knitting technique, ended with terminals that represent ravens or dragons, modeled after terminals found in central Sweden (Viking period).
Massive silver Viking style bracelet with raven terminals [db]
Unique and eyecatching bronze Viking bracelet in intriguing weave with filigree wire.
Bronze wolf head Viking bracelet [fili twist]
Faithful and handmade replica of Viking Thor's hammer ( Mjölnir) from Skåne, Sweden. Cast in reddish bronze or yellowish or sterling silver - while ordering, please make sure you choose the one you prefer.
Viking Thor's hammer pendant (Mjölnir) - replica from Skåne, Sweden
This large and solid sterling silver Thor's hammer pendant is faithful replica of archaeological find discovered near Rømersdal, Bornholm, Denmark.  Made with great attention to details, decorated with stamping in the same way, as original find was decorated.
Large silver Thor's hammer pendant, replica of Mjolnir from Rømersdal
Beautiful, unique antler tip pendant in handmade fine silver setting.
Small antler tip pendant in stamped silver setting
Beautiful, unique antler tip pendant in handmade fine silver setting.
Large antler tip in silver setting with punch-worked decoration
Replica of Viking belt studs in Borre style with animal (bird?) motives. Based on fids from Birka, Sweden. Made in solid sterling silver. Price per 1 stud.
Viking belt studs in silver, Borre style, Birka, Sweden - bird motives
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