Beautiful round Viking pendant with crisp and eye-catching filigree motives. Faithful replica of find from Hälsingtuna, Sweden, Viking period. Offered in sterling silver or bronze. A  small piece of Viking art, made with great attention to details. Pendants like this one were often worn by Viking women  simply on the chest or with other pendants and beads, all together forming impresive necklaces between tortoise brooches. This was the way to show off their husband's wealth and status. The last photo show an idea of such rich necklaces, other pendants are also available in our shop.
Round Viking filigree pendant replica, in bronze or sterling silver, Viking jewellery
Faithful historical replica of small round Viking brooch found in Birka, Sweden.
Round small Viking brooch with granulation and filigree, replica from Birka
Beautiful  and elaborate round Viking brooch with crisp and detailed filigree motives. Faithful replica of find from Hälsingtuna, Sweden, Viking period  The design is very contrasting and eye-catching. A small piece of Viking art.
Medium size round Viking filigree brooch replica, Sweden
Amazingly detailed and elaborate Viking trefoil brooch,. Faithful replica of find from Birka, Sweden, Viking period. A small piece of Viking art.
Viking trefoil filigree brooch from Birka, in bronze or silver
Beautiful and eye-catching dangling earrings with lots of tiny granulles, which catch light and shimmer like small diamonds.
Silver dangling earrings with granulation.
Beautiful and eye-catching dangling earrings with lots beautiful natural gemstones and granulation work, which create a star motif. Available with few colours of gemstone.
Silver dangling earrings with natural gemstone and granulation
Beautiful and eye-catching ring in silver or bronze : replica of ring find from Moravia.
Granulation and filigree ring : replica of IXth cent. Moravian find
Impressive and eye-catching Viking penannular brooch replica (based on original Viking brooch found in Gotland, Sweden, Viking period).  Made with great attention to detail, decorated in punching technique.
Viking penannular brooch in silver or bronze
Solid granulated beard ring or hair adornment, in rotund (fatter shape) and elaborated decoration. A unique and eye-catching piece, designed and made only in our workshop.  Made in sterling silver or bronze in yellowish shade.
Granulated beard ring or hair adornment in silver or bronze
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