Faithful and handmade replica of Viking Thor's hammer ( Mjölnir) from Skåne, Sweden. Cast in reddish bronze or yellowish or sterling silver - while ordering, please make sure you choose the one you prefer.
Viking Thor's hammer pendant (Mjölnir) - replica from Skåne, Sweden
Small and lovely Viking pendant in sterling silver or bronze, replica of find from Skåne, Sweden, Viking period. Filigree and pearl wires create intriguing and elaborate motives.
Small Viking filigree pendant, replica in bronze or sterling silver, Viking jewelry
This large and solid bronze (or silver, you choose) Thor's hammer pendant is faithful replica of archaeological find discovered near Rømersdal, Bornholm, Denmark.  Made with great attention to details, decorated with stamping in the same way, as original find was decorated.
Large Thor's Hammer Mjollnir pendant in bronze or silver - replica from Rømersdal
Beautiful round Viking pendant with crisp and eye-catching filigree motives. Faithful replica of find from Hälsingtuna, Sweden, Viking period. Offered in sterling silver or bronze. A  small piece of Viking art, made with great attention to details. Pendants like this one were often worn by Viking women  simply on the chest or with other pendants and beads, all together forming impresive necklaces between tortoise brooches. This was the way to show off their husband's wealth and status. The last photo show an idea of such rich necklaces, other pendants are also available in our shop.
Round Viking filigree pendant replica, in bronze or sterling silver, Viking jewellery
Replica of archaeological find - Thor's hammer pendant found in England, dated to 6 th century.
Silver Thor's hammer pendant from England, hand forged
Large, unique and rich in details wild boar tusk with 100% handmade silver setting adorned in ancient filigree and granulation techniques. Please note this in not a casted product, each tusk setting is handmade from scratch and created individully every single time.
Wild boar tusk pendant with filigree and granulation setting
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