Large and stunning Viking raven-headed Mjollnir pendant, faithful replica of find from Kabbarp in Skåne, Sweden. Amazingly detailed, high quality, solid pendant. A  small piece of Viking art.  In Viking culture Thor's hammers pendants were worn both by men and women as symbol of power and fertility, or for protection.
Large Viking raven-headed Mjollnir pendant, replica from Skane, Sweden.
Beautiful raven Mjollnir with filigree and granulation, faithful replica of find from Sigtuna, Sweden. Amazingly detailed, high quality, solid pendant. A small piece of Viking art.
Viking raven Mjollnir pendant, replica of find from Sigtuna.
This large and solid sterling silver Thor's hammer pendant is faithful replica of archaeological find discovered near Rømersdal, Bornholm, Denmark.  Made with great attention to details, decorated with stamping in the same way, as original find was decorated.
Large silver Thor's hammer pendant, replica of Mjolnir from Rømersdal
Replica of Viking pendant from Birka, depecting face of a bearded man,  a warrior, a persona from mythology, or a deity. A  solid, high quality pendant, with detailed filigree work showing how Vikings may looked like, what hair and beard style they wore. Pendant is not flat, it has  been forged to reveal shapes of human face.
Viking filigree pendant, face from Birka, replica
Beautiful, thick and wide filigree silver ring band, replica of ring from Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, dated to 9-11th cent.
Wide filigree silver ring band, Anglo-Saxon ring
Stunning and detailed lunula pendant (also called lunitsa, lunnitsa or lunik pendant), lunar amulet, replica of find from Birka, Sweden, Viking period. Elaborate granulation work makes it an eye-catching small piece of Viking art.
Birka lunik pendant (lunula, lunitsa), Viking lunar pendant replica
Small and lovely Viking pendant in sterling silver or bronze, replica of find from Skåne, Sweden, Viking period. Filigree and pearl wires create intriguing and elaborate motives.
Small Viking filigree pendant, replica in bronze or sterling silver, Viking jewelry
Beautiful round Viking pendant with crisp and eye-catching filigree motives. Faithful replica of find from Hälsingtuna, Sweden, Viking period. Offered in sterling silver or bronze. A  small piece of Viking art, made with great attention to details. Pendants like this one were often worn by Viking women  simply on the chest or with other pendants and beads, all together forming impresive necklaces between tortoise brooches. This was the way to show off their husband's wealth and status. The last photo show an idea of such rich necklaces, other pendants are also available in our shop.
Round Viking filigree pendant replica, in bronze or sterling silver, Viking jewellery
Faithful historical replica of small round Viking brooch found in Birka, Sweden.
Round small Viking brooch with granulation and filigree, replica from Birka
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