Beautiful  and elaborate round Viking brooch with crisp and detailed filigree motives. Faithful replica of find from Hälsingtuna, Sweden, Viking period  The design is very contrasting and eye-catching. A small piece of Viking art.
Medium size round Viking filigree brooch replica, Sweden
Impressive and eye-catching Viking penannular brooch replica (based on original Viking brooch found in Gotland, Sweden, Viking period).  Made with great attention to detail, decorated in punching technique.
Viking penannular brooch in silver or bronze
Handmade replica of small round Viking brooch from in Birka, Sweden.  Cast in sterling silver. The pin at the back is made of bronze.
Viking brooch in silver- small round brooch from Birka, Sweden.
Handmade replica of Viking period trefoil brooch from Birka. Cast in sterling silver.
Viking trefoil brooch in silver, replica from Birka
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