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We're Gracjana (Grace) and Grzegorz (Greg) from Poland, the two people, who stands behind "THORKIl historical replicas". Together we run our familly business and we're those lucky people, who can say they combine work and passion. Making historical replicas for reenactors, traveling for Viking markets and events and showing our craft  is what we trully love. Here we're going to share some behind the scene details of our work and life.

Grace is the author of all text on this blog.

By Thorkil, Apr 11 2015 05:33PM

Hello Viking Warriors and Shieldmaidens! :)

This is Mrs Thorkil after a way too long silence.

About a month ago, on our Facebook page I promised you an explanation of our online absence, but it occurred that it's not that easy to write about difficult and personal things, so it took me a while to put everything into words.

This is our new workshop : the main part of it, the place, where Greg works, is hidden behind the tree. We will show you some photos of it soon.

By Thorkil, Sep 7 2014 05:05PM

Hi Guys.

Today just a short post. Here's another sickle made by Thorkil. This time it was created for Carpathian Troy as a one of prizes activities during festival "Dwa Oblicza".

The sickle was based on partly preserved antler case found somewhere near Gniew, Poland. The case our reconstruction was hand made of antler, all decoration was hand engraved. The blade was made of pattern-welded steel (so called damascus) with forge welded cutting edge. 42 layers of steel created our favourite pattern.

Hope you like it. Myself, I must say that I like these two sickles a lot and I already commissioned one from my hubby. But guess what : I have to stay in the queue and wait patiently for my turn! :)

Dziś bardzo krótki post : mała prezentacja sierpa wykonanego dla skansenu Karpacka Troja, jako jedna z nagród na festiwalu Dwa Oblicza.

Zdobienia na rogowym futerale wykonane na podstawie znaleziska z okolic Gniewu. Ostrze dziwerowe (42 warstwy) z dogrzaną krawędzią tnącą.

By Thorkil, Aug 31 2014 05:50PM

Hello everyone. This time it won't be me, who will be talking to you from this blog, I give you Mr. Thorkil himself, to tell you about one of his latest project.

Thorkil says:

"When I got the commission for this helmet I was very happy. Gjermundbu helmet with silver inlay on spectacle? In black finish? My reaction was like : , I mean super ;-) fantastic! It's gonna look great with such a contrasting colours of metals! A piece of cake for me.

Well, not a piece of cake actually. ;-) This realisation occurred to be quite a badass.

By Thorkil, Jun 20 2014 06:33PM

We're always interested in old techniques, that our ancestors were using and of course the most exciting thing is checking the theory in practise. No wonder, we were curious about natural ways of having vibrant colours on textiles. The picture you see above show some samples of colours we achieved during few years of experimenting.

Zawsze ciągnęło nas do poznawania dawnych technik, których używali nasi przodkowie, a najbardziej ekscytujące jest sprawdzanie teorii w praktyce. Nic dziwnego, że ciekawiły nas natural sposoby uzyskiwania żywych kolorów na tkaninach. Na zdjęciu powyżej widoczne są niektóre próbki kolorów, które udało nam się uzyskać w ciągu kilku lat eksperymentowania.

By Thorkil, Jun 12 2014 06:15PM

In the first weekend of June, during our activities in Carpathian Troy open-air museum (click here for the whole report), Greg gave his very precious leg ;-) to talented hands of Michałek Małek from Tattoo Manson (link to his Facebook fanpage : ).

For a long time Greg was dreaming time about having a Viking tattoo made in traditional way during one of Viking markets or events for maximum fun. :) Finally the opportunity arose. Below are few photos from the process.


W pierwszy weekend czerwca, podczas naszego pobytu (kliknij tutaj po szerszą relację) w skansenie archeologicznym Karpacka Troja, Thorkil oddał swoja cenną nogę ;-) w zdolne ręce Michała Małka z Tattoo Manson (link do jego strony na Facebooku : ).

Thorkil od dawna marzył o wikińskim tatuażu wykonanym w tradycyjnej technice, najlepiej w trakcie jednej z historycznych imprez, bo przecież klimat też jest ważny. W końcu nadarzyła się okazja. Poniżej kilka zdjęć pokazujących powstawanie takiego tatuażu.

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