Welcome to online shop,

run by Grzegorz Kulig a.k.a. Thorkil !


Who we are?


We are a small family business, based in Poland, with 15 years experience in making replicas of arms and armour for reenactors, collectors and museums. Greg (thorkil) is known especially for his replicas of Vendel period and Viking finds and other projects, which needs skills to recreate the most difficult and elaborate decoration on amrs and armours. Most of these creations you can see on our main web site :

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Why us?


Our replicas are:


historically accurate,

made in traditional techniques,

with great attention to details,

proceeded with careful historical reaserching.


Our replicas will please especially customers, who appreciate highest level of craftmanship, as well as time and work involved into traditional techniques.



Thank you for your visit and support!

What do we offer?


In the past our small family business was based on exclusive, made-to-order products, big projects that took us usually weeks to complete. We rarelly had any replicas available in stock and our waiting list was very long. We know this can be dissapointing for our clients.


And now in respons to many enquiries, we opened this shop where we offer smaller projects : replicas, which we have in stock

or are able to produce in short time.


In this online shop we offer (or plan to offer) :

jewelry : bracelets, brooches, belts fittings, pendants etc.

pattern-welded knives and blades

spear-heads and axes


We are going to add more and more products gradually, so please step by often and don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find things, that you need.