Vking bracelets and arm rings replicas handmade in silver and bronze Facebook circle black small Mail black small


And many other historically accurate replicas like:

belts, axes, pattern welded (damascus) seaxes, knives and blades.

welcome4 Viking historical replicas : jewelry, bracelet, belt, brooches, pattern-welded damscus knife

Our replicas of archaeological finds are :


historical accurate


in traditional techniques,

with great attention to details,

preceded with careful historical researching.


Here you will find

historical handmade replicas in museum quality like :

Replicas of brooches of all shapes : round, trefoil and oval (tortoise) brooches.

Worn in Viking, Rus, Anglosaxon and Slavonic cultures in  Vendel and Viking period.

Replicas of Thor's hammers (Mjolnir) and Axes of Perun prendants and many other examples known from Vendel and Viking period.

Unique and handmade bracelets replicas :

Vendel and Viking  bracelets and arm rings made in repousse and Viking knit techniques.

Viking-norse-thors-hammers-pendants-pagan-jewelry Viking-trefoil-brooches-replicas-silver-round-brooches silver-norse-viking-bracelets-arm-rings-replicas-pagan-jewelry pattern-welded-damascus-knife-with-sheath-blades-Viking-knife-Gotland Viking-spiral-bracelet-arm-ring-replica-Gotland-pagan-jewelry Vendel-period-anglosaxon-jewelry-round-brooch-with-garnets-replica woven-Viking-bracelet-with-Gotlandic-dragon-head-t Viking-pendants-Thor's-hammers-mjolnir-axe-of-perun-pagan-jewelry-amber Silver-Viking-Thor's-hammer-necklace-with-dragon-heads-Viking-knitting-Gotland